28 gauge plastic hand loader kit

The Lanes Hand loader is the perfect kit for someone who would like to start reloading without breaking the bank. Contains everything you need to begin loading (except a hammer, powder messure and shot messure). Kit includes Decapping Chamber and Priming Chamber, Priming Rod, load data and complete instructions.The only company manufaturing these kits at this time.


28 gauge 2 3/4 inch item # 700 price $30 usd + shipping 

28 gauge brass kit

This kit comes with the tools to deprime and prime and a ram rod to pack your 28 gauge brass shells the only thing needed is primers, powder, shot and wads. reloading has never been easyer.this kit will reload 2 3/4 inch shells


Patent Pending

28 gauge brass kit item # 701 price $25 usd + shipping 


28 Gauge priming tool


Patent Pending 

28 Gauge Priming Tool item # 702  price $15 usd + shipping 



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